The artists behind the work talk about what dining means to them.

american apparel__white_wrinkle front_mockup

Artist: Emily Phares

1. What does dining mean to you?
It's about the experience, not just the food. When in "dining mode" you tend to slow down, relax, and focus on the people around you. Food is definitely important, but its job is to facilitate conversation and connection.
2. What is a memorable dining experience you've had recently?
I recently went to SRV (in Boston's South End) and had the tasting menu, which was delicious. The restaurant was beautifully designed, too – interesting light fixtures, custom wrought iron work, and some intricate tile work near the bar area. It was that ideal balance of fantastic food and great ambiance.
3. If you could dine with one person who would it be?
Probably Bill Murray.